Are you a parts manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler in the automotive aftermarket? Do you need help when it comes to assembly or packaging? Then we have the right solution for you!

We take care of your assembly

Encountering an assembly-related challenge? With our flexibility and ISO9001 and UL certification, we are the ideal partner for both simple work in series and complex orders. 

We take care of your packaging problems

Have you purchased products in bulk and do you want to repackage these in wholesale or retail packages? What about stickering, labelling or coding? We have the right solution to all these problems.
We supply manpower and the power to innovate for the automotive aftermarket at low costs. Want to find out more? Please get in touch with us!



Are you a parts manufacturer or a distributor of parts? Are you looking for pragmatic assistance with your issues related to purchasing, category management, product management, spare parts catalogues, pricing or a market launch? With our network of aftermarket specialists at both B2B and B2C level, we can help you with a wide range of issues. 


Need an experienced sales manager or director? Thanks to DYAM's network, we can find one for you. We can also provide an excellent solution if you need a good marketing manager. We are a strong player in both marketing strategy and marketing communications.


Are you increasingly finding your margins coming under pressure and facing aggressive competition for your existing business? If so, talk to us; our creative commercial minds are capable of delivering innovative ideas and business concepts in partnership with you. You benefit by setting yourself apart from the competition and so improving your profitability.


Do you have the sense that your marketing communication and concepts are fragmented? Do you want to get a better grip on marketing and establish clear policy? If so, contact us; we will be pleased to help.